How can Harmony Phone Chips "repair" shock absorbers?

As promised, I asked Joachim, "exactly how is it that a Harmony Phone Chip can "repair" a used up shock absorber?"

This is his answer followed by some observations of my own.

It is almost always the rear shock absorbers which "wear out" and almost never the front ones. This makes logical sense as the front shock absorbers always carry pretty much the same weight - the engine and the driver. Occasionally there will also be a front passenger but, usually, this makes only a very small percentage difference in the overall load upon the suspension. This allows the front shock absorbers to operate within a constant quite narrow band of burden wherein the load characteristics can be "programmed" by usage into the spring and the oil. This constancy enables longevity.

The rear shocks, however, live in a very different world. Sometimes, they carry no more than the weight of the rear chassis, sometimes one, two or three passengers upon the rear seat. Sometimes an empty boot and sometimes crammed full of luggage. And every possible permutation thereof. Thus the rear shock absorbers never "know" what to expect and become "confused" and "senile" and no longer react to shock in the way that they're supposed to. This is an observed phenomenon repeated thousands if not hundreds of thousands of times every day.

What happens when you attach the Harmony Phone Chip to the shock absorber is that all the contradictory information about the load to be carried is effectively deleted. As the shock absorber now has no "expectation" about the load, neither true nor contradictory, it tends to constantly return to the "new, undriven" condition.

Now, I have deliberately used some terms here which we are accustomed to using only in reference to human beings. There is, actually, no difference. They are just different terms with exactly the same meaning:

Habit = inertia or the path of least resistance, resistance to changing direction.
Confusion = contradictory control instruction.
Know = to recognise information about reality.
Expectation = pre-programmed reactions.
Senile = feedback causing wild system oscillations.

As we are dealing here with the basic causal information and not with the physical matter which is formed out of it, the same technology is applicable to both shock absorbers and human beings (and almost anything else as well). The principal difference lies in the complexity of the system. A shock absorber is, in comparison to a human being, an extremely simple construction. A small Harmony Phone Chip is, therefore, more than adequate to "do the job" of rejuvenating it.

Purely because much more information of much greater complexity needs to be processed, using the technology on a human being requires a much more complex and sophisticated device. This is why there are Harmony Phone Chips for very simple systems, Harmony Evolutions for human organ functions, Harmony Headphones for human habit de-programming, the Harmony Super Charger to re-order the relationship between vehicle, road and driver and the Home and Office Harmonizer to make every building one in which human beings can live and work optimally.

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